1. 06:01 4th Apr 2011

    Notes: 10

    Plays: 30

    Tonight I performed for the first time at the San Francisco Punchline, the main club in San Francisco.

    It was a fun night, and my set was “alright”. I was terribly nervous and forgot the end of a whole joke (which one generally calls the “punchline”!). People whose performances I love said I had a good set. It felt nice.

    I got home and edited my set down to just the parts that won’t be the same next time I perform: namely, Rob Cantrell’s introduction, the audience’s responses, and my moments of awkward “uhm”s and “uuh”s, and that one weird sound that I made about halfway through.

    The overall effect is that it sounds like my man parts are hanging out and I am befuddled as to how to remedy the situation, and that sounds like a pretty good metaphor for trying to make people laugh.

    In other words: This is my journal of emotional hygiene.